Under the Sun (Intro) Lyrics

Thanks be to God for His grace, the security in knowing that I've been purchased

'Cause I've been out of my lane for a little while, chasing things that serve no purpose

As I've wandered aimlessly in this time, I've felt the pleasure of sin and the effects of its curses

There's no way to take back the decisions I've made, no way under the sun to reverse this

You thought that Judas was bad? I promise you I gave a much worse kiss

The betrayal of my Savior for the temporary satisfaction of Zeke, worthless

That's what I think of myself in my sin, but what's worse is

I feed my body what it craves, just to regret moments after I'm in a worse pit

I'm married to the sin of my inner flesh, Lord I need to divorce this

And yeah, it hurts like heck coming to the light, but it's time I admit this

I'm broken, I'm sinful, so please don't place me on a pedestal when this ends

No one said Christians were perfect, we've all felt the pain and hurt that our sin sends

Pursuing you desires alone is like a kid playing games with matches

He may feel cool making fire, but in time, they're all gone and all he's left with is ashes

Don't think you're too good to make mistakes, only a fool would be quick to dismiss this

So hearers, learn from this fools mistakes because, under the sun, no pleasure could ever match His.

Nothing Compares Lyrics

"Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities!

All is vanity! What has been is what will be,

and what has been done is what will be done,

and there is nothing new under the sun." 

Ecclesiastes 1:2, 9


I’ve tried it all, I’ve felt the pain

But I’d trade it all, To feel life again

This world is empty, All life is vain

If I live without You, I ain’t got a thing

There ain’t nothin’, there ain’t nothin’

There ain’t nothin’ that compares to You [Lord] (x4)

Verse 1

I’ve been looking around now for 24 years now

I’m seeing the same things, I’m hearing the same sounds

The music is changed some, but lyrics from they mouth

They hit on same things, and you think they’re profound

But lemme just say now, the culture is dumbed down

And nobody thinks now, they follow the cool crowd

They lost for the truth how, they don’t care to be found

But listen up, as I give it to you now

There could never, now or ever, be a better God or better yet another man so clever, without error it don’t matter how you measure, 

you will never find a treasure or any another pleasure that’ll fill your heart at the very center

So as long as you follow whatever you think is better, you’ll always end up a failure and it don’t matter 

whoever you think you are or whatever you got, put it together and it’ll never compare to my God [No way]

I learned about this truth from, a man from way back

Before they all had the things that we have

He had it all, but one thing that he lacked

A walk with God that led him to this fact

This life is vain, all you have is vain

If in life you chase, to make you some gain

If you reach the fame, you make known your name

But you miss the King, then you’ve missed the aim

That aim is Jesus, the One who reigns

The One who removes all your guilty stains

And when life gets hectic, you feel neglected

He’s a loving Savior that relieves the pain

There’s been a change in time, but not a thing has changed

About the Great I Am, cuz He stays the same

If you ready for your life, to go through change

Then Just turn to Him, and call on His name

Verse 2

You say I'm crazy [You say I'm crazy]

This boy insane [This boy insane]

How you gonna live one life on earth

and not chase that green [Chase that green]

Boy you trippin’ [Boy you trippin']

You don’t know a thing [You don't know a thing]

You put all your faith in a God who saves

but you’ve never seen [Hold up]

I ain’t never seen Him, and I’m glad I’ve not

If I had or you had you’d be dead on spot

His glory’s shines like a million diamonds, no flaws or spot

And the evidence of His presence, well it ain’t hard to spot

Who made us men, man who made the stars

Who made the Earth, Jupiter, Mars

Who gives us life right from the start

Keeps your blood flowing from your beating heart

There’s no way it’s chance, this ain’t evolution

It ain’t Mother nature, that keeps us moving

There must be a Maker, so my conclusion

Is G-O-D, and you can’t refuse Him

You know it’s true, but you won’t admit it

'Cause admitting God means that your are not

And the pride within you just looks for answers

So you believe He’s just a random thought

If I end up wrong, well too bad for me

If you end up wrong, you’ll wish you were me

'Cause the wrath of God you’ll experience

Ain’t for a time, it’s eternity

Unanswered Lyrics


"There are times in life, even as a believer, where it appears that God is absent. 

There are times in the midst of our deepest pain and hurt 

that it seems the Lord has turned His face from us. 

We cry out with all we are and we hear and feel no response. 

Well this is the story of my pursuit for answers in the midst of my pain. 

These are the questions and conclusions of my search. 

I pray that through these words you will be reminded to never stop trusting 

in the timing and faithfulness of our God."

Verse 1

Just hand me the Oscar, no-one caught the act of this young pastor

Harvey Dent has been retired, I am now the two-faced actor

I was leading others they didn’t question they just followed after

I knew not where I was going, shepherding without the Master

I could quote the scriptures, knew the reference, I mean verse and chapter

When it came to neighbors questions, I was quick to give an answer

But I had some questions, I just couldn’t answer honestly

Why were You so absent from me when I called You constantly

Watched my momma go through Hell, you left her lonely, I could see

Dad was dying right before us, You refused to intercede

Whatever we ask in Your name, You would give, You promised me

Are my requests not getting to You, are they poor in quality

I don’t know what I can do, I feel I’ve gave you all of me

So how can my life be this tragic if You rule it sovereignly

After this, I have to question, you and my theology

Is all I’ve believed a lie, could You be fake, possibly

Hook 1

Where are You, Lord (x2)

I cannot see You,  I cannot feel You

I'm doubting You, Lord

So I'm calling on You. Lord, will You answer

I'm losing patience and I don't wanna feel this way 

no more, no more, no more

Verse 2

These things have been on my heart here lately,

I’ve had time to reflect upon them

Now I see that I sound so foolish

When talking to You like You’re the problem

You are not the cause of this evil,

Eden’s where we it all entered this earth

At that time, Lord, You were not absent,

but we chose to go against Your word

You said that if we ate from that tree,

we would surely die, we didn’t fear that

We chose knowing what’s good and evil

Didn’t take long for us to regret

That decision, 'Cause sin entered in

and now we see and feel all its effects

Quick to push the blame on another

Just like Adam blamed Eve for his mess

Let’s go back though to the start and see if we find hope in this

Consequences for their sin from God was DEATH, now look at this

Adam and Eve were not killed the moment they committed sin

God postponed the consequence of death, covered their shame with skin

Next we read of Cain and Abel, offering their sacrifice

Here we see that God had placed a system that would point to Christ

Evil comes in many forms, we cannot avoid its pains

We deserve the worst in life but, thanks to God His grace remains

Hook 2

Where are You, Lord (x2)

I cannot see You, I cannot feel You

But I trust You, Lord

So I'm calling on You. Lord, will You answer?

God, give me patience

'Cause I don't wanna feel this way 

no more, no more, no more

Verse 3

Circumstances may never change

But you never change, and I’m fine with that

As long as I breathe another breath

I know that You have not turned Your back

Forgive me Lord for my doubts in You

'Cause You’ve never failed theres no doubt in that

And where I failed You so many times,

Your blood for me puts a scratch in that

Every hardship I face in life

Is a chance for me to feel Your grace

So when I’m knee deep in stormy seas

May I never fail to give You thanks

It’s grace that pushes me to the end

Grace that keeps this weak man sustained

Grace that reminds it’s not about me

So I can push through when I am drained

To those of you that feel God is absent,

look around and just witness grace

God has never forsaken you

If there's life in you you should seek His face

Seeking Him should not be dependent

on whether you’re in the mood or not

Seeking Him should be all you turn to

'Cause when it all falls, He’s all you’ve got

Never Enough Lyrics

"He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, 

nor he who loves wealth with his income; 

this also is vanity. When goods increase, they increase who eat them, 

and what advantage has their owner but to see them with his eyes?"

Ecclesiastes 5:10-11


You got at least a couple mil you running out of rubber bands man

Gucci, New Bugatti, pinky ring that cost you fifty grand

Ice around your neck, a model chick the fellas know she bad

Tell me what's your limit, 'cause to most it seems you've hit your max

They think you got it, you ain't satisfied

They think they want it, they've bought the lie

They're out there trying to get it, so say goodbye

Them boys'll never reach it, waste time and lose they're lives

Verse 1

You got a lot dough, what they don't know

That money that you stacking up can't buy a happy soul

But still you chase some more, cause that is all you know,

But let me tell you quick about Jesus man, and he'll come to fill up that hole

The more you make in that paper man, it makes paper seems to lose its worth

Yeah your chick she looks good but once you see badder chicks you dismiss her

That new bugatti its clean but compared to neighbors it seems to just fall short

And you're icy dog, but your diamonds losing their shine, it's time for a new chord

So what's the point of my statements man, I think it's obvious, you can't get enough

The second you think you've got it all, you'll find another man who's got more stuff

So you stress about what you can't control, you become depressed, over what though?

A real man is not defined by his assets or lack thereof so head up bro

This sick disease is the reason peoples is hurt in life 

when they could be pleased if they turned from these overrated things 

the world thinks brings you joy but it misleads us

So Turn to Jesus, and feel His peace, your worth more than pieces of paper, please

Now you must appease what you broke in pieces, fall to your knees and cry out to Jesus

Verse 2

Listen up as I make clear, The misconceptions you see here

I know you think that it appears, That I'm jealous of the rich man's gear

And I won't lie, it'd be nice yeah, Rockin' everything they wear

Owning things that are so rare, But over it I won't waste tears

I ain't got to own it all to know, All earthly things in due time will go

One day we'll stand before God and though, They own it all now, if they don't know

Jesus Christ as they're Lord and Savior, "depart from me" will be the line He quotes

The riches they have don't buy salvation, so in the long term I die with more

I ain't saying, that money's wicked or people making a lot are evil

Or don't have goals or success in your job, pursue your dreams as long as it's legal

I'm just saying that where your treasure is we will find your heart buried in it

So do not put treasure in a place where them moths destroy and thieves come to steal it

'Cause there can only be One Master, so choose on this day who or what you will serve

Me and my house of four we have decided that we will serve no other name but the Lord

I cannot make you choose, it's your decision, but please listen close and just you open your eyes

You can choose money and pleasure and die or you die to yourself and in Christ you will find life

Endless Pursuit Lyrics

She’s 5’6, age 13 with blonde hair and blue eyes,

She’s got so much potential for greatness, yet doesn’t feel that inside

There’s a void in her chest, that is filled with praise from her peers

But it’s drained every time she takes a look into that mirror

She’s disgusted with her figure, she points out every microscopic flaw

Every part of herself that’s the opposite of girls in magazines she just saw

She feels she’s not beautiful, but oh her lens is so deceiving

She battles this insecurity daily that keeps her from just believing

That she is beautiful, so she seeks to find value in number of guys

That turn their heads for a second look as she passes them by

Not realizing that look they are giving is just lust feeding their eyes

She hopes that one of them can fill the void so there’s things that she tries

It starts with small acts of affection, like him just holding your hand

Then a kiss on the cheek or the lips and when things go as she’s planned

She gives herself fully through sex thinking it’s love with this man

But she still feels that void when she finds out it was a one-night stand

He’s 6’2, age 16, his body built like a grown man

He’s the coolest kid in school, but at home, he’s a pawn to another man

His father expects him to be great, but his definition of greatness

Is a point he feels he’ll never reach, it does not matter what his pace is

So he does what it takes just to feel he’s accepted

Sleeping with girls every weekend while out with friends getting wasted

He doesn’t see what he’s wasting, he’s hurting underneath the surface

But he does what he has to just to feel that he has purpose

Including late nights vomiting as he cuddles at night with his toilet

And the horrible hangover from last nights attempted enjoyment

He doesn’t feel purpose, he feels so sick to his stomach

But next week you’ll find him back regretting that he’d even done it

And the sad thing is, because of the image he’s been given

He’ll stay stuck in this cycle of junk his pride won’t let him give in

But he’ll act as if things are great cause real men don’t show their weakness

While he’s eaten alive inside trying to contain his lonely secrets

No one knows this kids name, they don’t pay them much attention

Except when clowning on kids at school, they’re the first one kids all mention

They don’t dress like all the others, they’re not invited to cool events

No one takes the time to notice the scars that scream across their wrists

The brokenness inside their hearts from being left out by other students

That lead them to ask questions, like what did I do to deserve to go through this

Why can’t I just be accepted like the other kids I see in my class

Am I not good enough to be wanted and will this stage of life every pass

They feel alone and so neglected, they’d do whatever for just one to notice

That they even existed, but never get that so it’s no surprise what’s on the note, It’s

Suicide, a most tragic event that happens when people feel the world would be better

Without them, or that they’d be better without all of the world’s pressure

So they carry out this thought thinking their life’s too broken to be repaired

And this all could’ve been prevented, had someone just shown them that they cared

But it’s too late for this individual, there’s no more time for I’m sorry

The sad thing is what I just shared might be someone’s real story

I don’t know what your life looks like, you don’t know much of mine

Sometimes we’re so distracted to even attempt to make the time

To hear another person’s story, their struggles, and their hurt

To be an encouragement to someone and let them know they have worth

Please know that I’m far from perfect, I have struggles of my own

But I know amidst life’s daily battles, that I am not alone

I have a friend that walks with me until my life is done

The friend I’m talking about is available to everyone

So if you want to know of Him, just ask me when this is ova’

I’ll share with you the greatest gift anyone has ever told ya

And for those of you who’ve been through it, but you’ve kept in the fight

Please share you story with someone, you could help save a life

You go through things in life so at a time you can be used

To help your friends and family when they go through it too

To those of you that are hurting now, the pain’s too much to bear

Just lay them down at my friend’s feet, He’ll save you from despair

The Real Me Lyrics


Oh Lord, you know me, you know all my ways

[Lord, You know my ways]

My sin’s before me and I need Your grace

[Lord I need Your grace]

'Cause My flesh is failing, I need Your healing,

Lord please come free me

'Cause I am so lonely, I’m broken, and empty

Lord please redeem me, You’re all I have, 

Lord free from my past

Verse 1

Wish I could go back somehow

If I knew back then what I know now 

I woulda never gave in to the feen I felt

Cause effects from that still grows now

My sin it craves to just be found

Don't gotta look for lust it just comes 'round

Temptation lurks in my hearts town

I should be free but I feel bound

Every image that I've ever seen it never seems to flee, it keeps haunting me

And now I battle the inner me, that's keeps telling me, it’s time to feed, or fulfilled I’ll never be

But I got a family and a ministry And my leadership is what they all need

And to You my God how I long to be In your will for me

But sadly, I live casually, as if Your wrath can’t come close to me

So I’m captured by what is after me, and the past in me makes a pass at me

I feel a satisfaction that I feel I need, but at the core of my heart is a vacancy

So I’m still empty and it’s actually, the reason I know that Your wrath’s on me

Verse 2

You don’t know what I’ve been through

You don’t know what this heart can do

You don’t know what I’m feeling You

Couldn’t know what I’ve kept from You

My thoughts are filled with such filthy

acts of things I would swear I could never do

But my heart is wicked, my flesh is strong

So my mind is set on a crooked view

I’ll never say that I’ll never do

What another man does, 'cause if I’m true

When I’m alone and I’m not in You

Lord I can do what any man can do

And all my friends are feeling this story

They all asking is this his story

The past in me has it’s own storage

I’m unworthy and I’m discouraged

And I hate me! [I hate me]

I wonder why you’d even make me

What the world sees is a fake me

I’m wicked Lord, so I can’t see

Why you’d pick me, but you've shown me

It's the worst in man that Your grace frees

So when I fall down on these bent knees

And I cry to you, then you cleanse Zeke

Everything Lyrics

Verse 1

I chased all my eyes saw, I've come to my last straw

I've attempted and failed many times, as I look at my life, I can see my ways flawed

Lord, How can I put this in words? Lord, How can I let this be heard?

Oh I think I got it now listen up hear the voice of stray that has returned [deep breath]

Oh Lord, I’m feeling you now, I didn’t see it till now

You came to me and You found Me when my knees hit the ground

The question I have is how? But heavens loving the sound

Of the return of the lost, The angels dancing around

I feel like dancing right now, Who cares if it is allowed

I wanna shout it aloud, The Lord is good and I vow

Your the One that I serve and if I fail You somehow

I’ll only stay on the ground, To worship You as I bow

[Bow down yeah] Only to my King though

You are God, what do you need me for

I’ma Toby Mac this, sit back and watch You go,

Oh Lord, You can steal the whole show

This is the anthem, shout it till the world know

You’re the One I love, You’re the One I serve

In the end Lord, You’re the One that I live for


Lord, I love You (x3)

Lord, You are my everything

Lord, I need You (x3)

Lord, You are my everything

Lord, I want You (x3)

Lord, You are my everything

Lord, I praise You (x3)

Lord, You are my everything

Verse 2

I must say, that’s it’s ok

When skies are blue, or if they’re grey

In this place, it is friend I pray

That you feel God’s peace in every way

So when you’re down, just lift up your face

Feel Jesus love and His warm embrace

I see freedom is what you chase

But in your sin, you won’t find a trace

True freedom’s found in the God who made us

Not in things that our God created

But when He calls us, it just don’t phase us

We don’t see all the time that’s wasted

Buying lies that the world has gave us

Have life in Christ, but we choose to trade it

It ain’t worth the joy found in Jesus

In Him you’ll find why you’ve been created


"The scriptures teach us that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. I

n his wisdom, he set out to find what was there for man to do under the sun 

that would give him purpose and true joy. 

The word says that whatever his eyes saw that he desired, 

he did not keep it from himself. He had power, money, land, women, 

every pleasure possible, but in the end, 

he teaches that all is meaningless without Christ. 

May we come to the same conclusion in our lives 

and find the eternal satisfaction that our Savior offers 

and may our response to this truth be to worship Him with all we are."