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Ezekiel began rapping at the age of 17. At the time he began, writing music was nothing more than a hobby. However, after seeing the strong demand for rap music in his generation, he quickly felt the Lord calling him to become a minister of the gospel through this genre of music. Rather than offer lyrics that promote self and exalt a life of sin, he writes music that exalts the name of Jesus and offers a message of hope that is found in the Gospel.

Ezekiel released his first solo project, Under the Sun, in June 2017. In this EP, he shares his struggles with doubt and his pursuit for happiness in things other than Christ. His doubt began when an unknown sickness plagued his father for two years, putting his family through financial, emotional, and spiritual hardship. In the midst of his sin of doubt, Ezekiel shares of the restored hope and peace he found as he confessed his sin and began pursuing the Lord once again. And in his pursuit, just like Solomon, he found that everything is this world is meaningless without a relationship with our Creator.

His latest project, Unveiled, is scheduled to release Sept. 14, 2018. The motivation behind this album comes from 2 Corinthians 4:3, which states, "If the good news we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing." In the midst of the chaos and darkness in our world, the only hope that will last is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His hope for this album is that it would open the eyes of both believers and non-believers alike, to see that our hope lies not in what is temporary, but what is eternal. So even if evil in this life fails to diminish, one day, sin, death, and Satan, and all its effects will be no more. In that day, we will be in the presence of a perfect God who will make all things new. 

Ezekiel currently lives in Rogers, AR where he serves as the worship pastor at a local church. He and his wife, Karlee, married on Oct 11, 2012 and now have three children: Aliyah, Enoch, and Priscillah. 

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